Nomination for the 2009 Chancellor’s Awards for Archievement in Community Service – UOW

Nomination for the 2009 Chancellor's Awards for Archievement in Community ServiceMr Kefentse Nkakelang

Bachelor of Information Technology 2005

Masters of eCommerce 2009

Kefentse has been assisting with the funding and development of the National Research Centre in a village in Botswana. The Centre aims to provide accessibility and the use of computers to people living in rural areas.

In 2005 Kefentse collected 10 computers with the assistance of the University of Wollongong and shipped them back to Botswana.

Vision 2016 – Award Winner 2008

vision 2016 AwardsEvery year Botswana conducts award giving ceremony for various outstanding projects that are in line and support the country’s vision 2016 pillars.

The projects that are nominated for this prestigious ceremony must demostrate excellence and commitment in supporting the seven pillars stated in the Botswana Vision 2016.

    An Educated and Informed Nation
    A Prosperous, Productive and Innovative Nation
    A Compassionate, Just and Caring Nation
    A Safe And Secure Nation
    An Open, Democratic and Accountable Nation
    A Moral and Tolerant Nation
    A United and Proud Nation

In 2008, the National Computer Research Center was awarded first position for Building An Educated and Informed Nation
When receiving the award Mr Kefentse Nkakelang, stated that the National Computer Research Center is committed to insuring that everyone in Botswana have access to use of computers and internet despite their economic background.
Nkakelang said the center in Moloapowabojang will create sustainable jobs and training of the 21 century to keep youth out of the street and will drive Botswana into knowledge economy by the year 2016.
I know kids in Molapowabojang will do as good as kids in the US, Australia or Canada, when given the same resources. We are already establishing research groups to ignite passion of new learning, knowledge exploration and sharing.

Resignation from Internet Marketing Job in Sydney

Here is the Resignation Letter:

“NetRegistry PTY LTD

25 November 2009

Re: Notice to leave the job end of December 2009

This serves to inform you that I would like to resign from my current job with your company because I feel that the salary is way less that what I deserve based my level of expertise, experience and the value that I provide to the company.

I therefore put a notice to leave the job end of December 2009.

It has been a wonderful experience and exposure working with you.

Yours faithfully,

Kefentse Nkakelang”

Shipping Computer To Botswana

Yesterday was a very great day, it was a big milestone in the development of National Research center.
We now managed to ship the computers donated by Wollongong University to Botswana, I am so excited.
One of the thing that I learned was that team work is everything.
Shipping computers to Botswana, will cost $6000 Australia dollars, this is so much money that I cant afford at the moment, so to make it easier I managed to find two other friends who wanted to ship their goods, this ended cutting down the whole price for each one to just 2 grand, how cool..
Two is always better than one.

Indeed, one can case a thousand but two can chase ten thousands.”

After being overwhelm by the quality of service from the shipping company, I was so thankful and greatful for all the arrangements made.

I wrote the email:

“Hi Ashanti,

Thanks for the clarification,

All the logistics was laid out very clear, concise and the implementation was

very successful.

We will then liase with Mr Harrison over in Botswana.

Thanks very much again.

I just recommended your services to some of our friend here,

and will be in touch with you in the near future.

Village in Botswana to benefit from free UOW computers

A government sponsored postgraduate student from Botswana, Kefentse Nkakelang, will soon have a special delivery on the way to his village of Molapowabojang.

Courtesy of UOW’s Faculty of Informatics and other individual sponsors on campus the information systems graduate aims to send about 30 computers back to his home village. Kefentse is now studying a Masters of Electronic Commerce degree.

It is part of a community project Kefentse is involved in called the “Digital Divide Project”. Kefentse has also been involved in helping to raise funds to maintain a local kindergarten in his village.

In 2008, Kefentse received a National Youth Service Award from the Botswanan Government for his work in setting up the National Computer Research Centre as the village centre is known.

The Faculty of Informatics today (6 February) officially donated 10 computers to aid the program while Dr Merlinda Bobis and Dr Eric Loo from Creative Arts donated another four between them.

So Kefentse will need about another 16 computers before he arranges the shipment to his village. Anyone wishing to donate a computer can email Jan Sullivan in UOW’s Office of Community and Partnerships.

It is expected that student fund raising will help meet part of the shipping costs for the computers.

Youth Recognised For Excellence And Achievements

kefDeserving youth were last Friday recognised at a glittering ceremony staged at Gaborone’s Boipuso Hall where they got awarded for their achievements and excellence. A total of 17 youths and youth organisations battled it out for top prizes in a number of categories at the biannual National Youth Service Awards.

There were seven categories namely business enterprise, visual arts, performing arts, sports and recreation, tourism, wildlife and environmental conservation, leadership and community development and science and technology.

Each category had first, second and third positions with monetary prizes of P 10, 000, P 8,000 and P 6,000. There were also two additional awards being the exceptional award and the minister’s special award.

Competitors in the business enterprise category were Milly Jacobs, Orapeleng Rakolele and Matlhogonolo Mabaka.

Rakolele walked away with the top prize followed by Jacobs and Mabaka. Fashion designer Seneo Moji awarded the prizes in this category.
In the visual arts category, Phefo Phefo, Bantshi Banopi and Peggy Morakalala fought for the top prize and the ultimate winner was Banopi with Phefo and Morakalala taking second and third prizes respectively.

Their fellow visual artist, Neo Matome, who also happens to be the Thapong Artist of The Year award winner, presented the award.

Netball star Tebogo Lebotse presented the top award to South East District Youth Empowerment League who were the sole nominees in the sports and recreation category.
In the tourism, wildlife and environmental conservation bracket, Diacha Food Processing and Take Away clinched the first prize, beating Kabo Kgatshe and Ngwao Motheo Theatre Group. Semane Khama presented the award.

Tshepang Mabaila beat Kaikanyane Mozoko and Mmannana Modelling Agency to the top prize in the leadership and community awards with the others getting positions two and three respectively.

Kgosi Puso Gaborone of the Batlokwa presented the award.
Pint-sized Thabang ‘Stompie’ Oanthata presented the visual artist award, which went to Moremogolo Extention Theatre Group. The group beat gospel singer Kabelo Kgaodi, who goes by the stage name of Kabelo Eric, and Oarabile Ross.

The only nominee in the science and technology category was Kefentse Nkakelang and naturally won the top prize. Nkakelang has helped his community in Molapowabojang to have access to computers and the Internet by setting up an Internet caf in the village.

Diacha Food Processing and Take Away were the greatest winners of the night, winning the minister’s special award and pocketing P 12, 000 in the process.
The commonwealth youth award went Ipopeng Youth Group who walked away with P 1,000.

Entertainment was provided by, among others, Prisons Band, Tebbie Sethomo, Gaborone Youth Singers and Kgotla Kgaodi.

Although there is no doubt that the awards were well organised, the problem was with the presentation. It was so disappointing to see the directors of ceremonies Dineo Seleke and Brian Dioka did not seem to know what to do and when. At times they would call for video clips of the nominees to be shown before the winner was announce and the next moment it would be the other way round.

One can only hope that if Dioka and Seleke want to continue doing the job of directing ceremonies, there should borrow a leaf from those who master the job.
Another downside to the awards was the chairperson of the Botswana National Youth Council (BNYC) who instead of giving a vote of thanks delivered a long and dismal speech, which left some guests checking out their watches time and again.

The judges were Solly Reikeletseng, Judith Sefhako, Keneilwe Moseki, Otsetswe Bogosibokae, Mogorosi Modisane, Reginald Bakwena, Mothusi Malieha, Phatsimo Lobelo, Dr Olefile Molwane, Caesar Tshupelo, Dr Shehu, Tshepo Rampana, Ngwatsi Enyatseng, Ofentse Segathle and Bathusi Lesolebe.

Motswana in e-commerce

LOBATSE – When surfing the Internet next time and you come across the website know that it was pioneered by a Motswana.

Mr Kefentse Nkakelang, 25, of Molapowabojang, who is a student at Wollongong University in Australia, established the domain four months back and it has already registered more than 10 000 members worldwide. More than 200 people visit the domain daily.

Mr Nkakelang told BOPA that the idea of the website came about after realizing that Botswana and African as a continent were lacking in the Internet.

He said initially when he designed the website the idea was for Africa but it has since boomed to be for the whole world.

Mr Nkakelang said he spent more than AU$3000, about P14 750, to establish the website, adding that he was passionate about e-commerce and believed that it could go a long way to market the Botswanas tourism industry.

He however noted that the banner advert of Botswanas tourism industry in the home page was free of charge. The tourism advert is Amazing Botswana safari travel, hotels, holidays.

Our mission is to sell Botswana to the outside world, he said. adding that the establishment of the website was also meant to bridge the digital divide in line with the national vision of creating a knowledgeable society.

The website guru, however, noted that few Batswana were registering in the domain as currently a little more than 3000 have registered.

Asked whether he was making any profit from the website, Mr Nkakelang said he was earning about US$10, or P62, per day per advert.

He said he was in the process of establishing with branches in Australia and the United States. He further revealed that he was also establishing a website where people could log in to search for jobs.

Currently studying for a masters degree in electronic commerce, Mr Nkakelang said he wanted to establish other domains for Botswanas leaders such as the president and vice vice.

He said a research on the Internet has revealed more than 700 searches for Khamas name in the Internet. BOPA

UOW graduate’s ‘cool’ website experiment University

31214-1tUOW graduate’s ‘cool’ website experiment University of Wollongong graduate, Kefentse Nkakelang, is officially the coolest guy in Australia. Internet search engine, Google, says so. The information systems graduate has developed a website called ‘The Coolest Guy In Australia’ and it uses search engine optimisation (SEO) technology to improve the volume and quality of traffic to the site. When the words ‘coolest guy Australia’ are typed in to Google, Kefentse’s website takes first place over more than two million other internet pages. “My experiment demonstrates how you can change the design and words of your website, or optimise it, so Google recognises it in searches,” he said. “If anyone types in a term that relates to your industry, your website comes up as number one, and that means having more traffic and business on your website.” The Sydney-based SEO specialist’s next challenge is to decode latent semantic indexing, which Google has developed to outsmart the likes of Kefentse. “Google does not tell anyone how they list their pages because then anyone could become number one and they want to rank by quality.” In addition to now being certified by Google as the Best Search Engine Marketing Professional, Kefentse is using his newfound ‘coolness’ for a wonderful cause – any money donated toward his experiment will help fund and maintaining a local kindergarten that has been built in his home country of Africa (Botswana).